Before Hair Trasplant After Hair Trasplant
Before Hair Trasplant After Hair Trasplant

Hair Loss?

Hiar loss is common disorder among men. Its most frequent cause is hereditary. Maily related to the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT); that is to say, the pilose follicles undergo an alteration in the presence of this hormone DHT, producing a decrease of the…
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What is a Micrograft Hair Transplant?

Micro implants are safe and effective for the treatment of hair loss; it is the technique to choose for permanently solving hair loss because it produces natural...

How does hair transplant work?

Through micro surgery, we obtain the implant from the donor site, in the lower back of the head, implants that are free from the hormonal influence that produce hair loss....

Steps of the surgery

  • Preparation
  • The taking of Donor Tissue
  • Preparing grafts
  • The Transplant
  • The new hair and the new look
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